newcomers committee

Welcome New CWRU Faculty

The New Faculty Family Picnic is Held in August Each Year

As of July 1, 2014, the CWRU
has taken over the function
of welcoming new faculty to our
university and our community.

This is an archived page from June 2014:

The Newcomers Committee is a group of volunteers (faculty spouses and faculty) who greet new members of the faculty and administration, and their families, to the Case Western Reserve University community. We look forward to answering any questions you have (or at least guiding you in the right direction!) regarding your joining our campus, enjoying the immediate University Circle cultural institutions, or becoming familiar with the wider Cleveland metropolitan area and the facilities in the various suburbs.

We hold a number of events during the academic year to which we would like to invite you. Our first one is the Family Picnic, following New Faculty Orientation, in August. A Campus Walking Tour, a Morning Coffee for spouses and partners, and a Potluck Dinner for faculty and their companions, may be featured in the Fall or Spring Semesters. Our January visit to Mi Pueblo Restaurant has become a popular tradition, as has our annual Wine Tasting Party in February.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you will be able to attend one or more of our events. Please contact us, at the number or by the e-mail below, if you would like further information on our program during the year.

Wishing you a smooth and enjoyable transition to our diverse and stimulating campus and city,

Sarah Taylor (Chair), Newcomers Committee
Phone (216) 321-7465,

Committee members: Mia Buck, Lin Emmons, Roberta Farrell, Anja Jankowsky, Anne Poirson, Alan Rocke, Cristine Rom, Beverly Saylor, Yujeung Sohn, Audrey Solow, Aaron Starr, Patrick Volz, Donna Walsh. Committee Advisors: Christine Cano, Gary Chottiner, Bill Fickinger, Philippa Pearson, Mano Singham.

These University web sites are recommended for general interest, as well as for specific information:

House rental needed for 2014-15 academic year

  • If you are going on sabbatical for the 2014-2015 academic year, you might be interested to know that Peter Thomas is looking for a house to rent for that period. See this link

The following links and organizations might be of interest to you, if you are new to the Cleveland area.

  • FACULTY HOUSES for sale or rent. The purpose of this link is to provide a service to faculty who are leaving CWRU, and who would like to sell or rent their Cleveland home. It may also be of particular interest to incoming faculty, who might like to look at houses that were chosen and lived in by those in similar positions to themselves. This site is not intended as a real estate service, and only the individual home, owned and occupied by a faculty member, will be included. No claim to quality is implied by being listed here. Please make all enquiries to the home owner. Homes will be removed from the site after a month, unless we are requested (at to continue the listing.

  • HOUSING conveniently close to CWRU, and to the University Circle cultural institutions: For Cleveland Heights, phone Heights Housing Service. If you are interested in buying, call (216) 291-5959; for rentals, call (216) 291-5784. For information about Shaker Heights, phone the Shaker Heights Communications and Outreach Department, at (216) 491-1337.

  • For BABY-SITTING services, phone John Carroll University's Career Center, at (216) 397-4237, or contact

  • Family Connections ( offers programs and services for families with young children. The Center is a particularly useful resource for those living in the Heights area.

  • For HIKING AND BIKING in the Cleveland metropolitan area, phone the Cleveland Metroparks, at (216) 635-3253, for maps and information. They also have a web site: The web site for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is at: Also try the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath The ambitious hiker can consider The Buckeye Trail. Check out For additional information on anything related to bicycling in our area, contact Gary Chottiner:

  • For information about GOLF, phone Lois Ritchken at (216) 292 4848

  • For information about SAILING, check out this web site: , for KAYAKING, go here:, and for ROWING, try: or

  • COOL CLEVELAND -- For current information on the enormous amount of interesting, entertaining, musical, artistic, and other lively events taking place in Cleveland, try the web site for Cool Cleveland

  • The extraordinary range of Cleveland's MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS, with a listing of upcoming concerts and events, as well as reviews, can be found here

  • For a list of local places to enjoy LIVE THEATER, go here

  • Information about additional CLEVELAND ATTRACTIONS can be found here

  • For information about Northeast Ohio's ENVIRONMENTAL news, organizations, and activities, check out

If you live in the Heights area, and would like suggestions for the following services and shops:

    Please call Laura Smith, at (216) 320 1548, if you are interested in recommendations for:

  • A pediatrician,
  • A dentist who is good with children,
  • A realtor.

    Please call Sarah Taylor at (216) 321 7465 for advice about:

  • Daycare,
  • House or apartment cleaning assistance,
  • Dry cleaning and shoe repair,
  • Hardware store (one that provides advice as well as products!),
  • Car repair.

    Please call Roberta Farrell at (216) 321 3152 to learn about:

  • Supermarkets,
  • Catering,
  • Garden/plant items.

    Please call Audrey Solow at (216) 371 8697 for suggestions about:

  • Supermarkets,
  • Car repair,
  • Dry cleaning.

    Please call Donna Walsh at (216) 752 9545 for general information about:

  • Shops and services in Shaker Heights and Mayfield Heights